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Maximum Temperature Last 24h. 04/28/2017 at 10:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Orlando, Orlando International Airport (United States) 72205 93.9°F
2 Jacksonville, Jacksonville International Airport (United States) 72206 93.0°F
3 Midland, Midland International Airport (United States) 72265 93.0°F
4 Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (United States) 72278 93.0°F
5 San Angelo, Mathis Field (United States) 72263 90.0°F
6 Savannah, Savannah International Airport (United States) 72207 90.0°F
7 Tucson, Az (United States) 72274 90.0°F
8 Lubbock, Lubbock International Airport (United States) 72267 89.1°F
9 Miami, Fl (United States) 72202 89.1°F
10 Roswell, Roswell Industrial Air Center Airport (United States) 72268 89.1°F
11 Tampa, Tampa International Airport (United States) 72211 89.1°F
12 Abilene, Abilene Regional Airport (United States) 72266 88.0°F
13 Brownsville, Brownsville / South Padre Island International Airport (United States) 72250 88.0°F
14 El Paso, El Paso International Airport (United States) 72270 88.0°F
15 Mobile, Mobile Regional Airport (United States) 72223 88.0°F
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Minimum Temperature Last 24h. 04/28/2017 at 10:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Fort Yukon, Fort Yukon Airport (United States) 70194 12.9°F
2 Bettles, Bettles Airport (United States) 70174 21.0°F
3 International Falls, Falls International Airport (United States) 72747 21.0°F
4 Valentine, Miller Field (United States) 72567 21.0°F
5 Duluth, Duluth International Airport (United States) 72745 23.0°F
6 Kotzebue, Ralph Wien Memorial Airport (United States) 70133 23.0°F
7 Williston, Sloulin Field International Airport (United States) 72767 23.2°F
8 King Salmon, King Salmon Airport (United States) 70326 24.1°F
9 Rapid City/Regional Airport, Sd. (United States) 72662 24.1°F
10 Grand Island, Central Nebraska Regional Airport (United States) 72552 25.2°F
11 Dillingham, Dillingham Airport (United States) 70321 26.1°F
12 Fargo, Hector International Airport (United States) 72753 26.1°F
13 Huron, Huron Regional Airport (United States) 72654 26.1°F
14 Aberdeen, Aberdeen Regional Airport (United States) 72659 27.0°F
15 Burns, Burns Municipal Airport (United States) 72683 27.0°F
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Maximum Precipitation Last 24h. 04/28/2017 at 10:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Sheridan, Sheridan County Airport (United States) 72666 0.98 in
2 Madison, Dane County Regional-Truax Field (United States) 72641 0.87 in
3 Billings, Billings Logan International Airport (United States) 72677 0.87 in
4 Macon, Middle Georgia Regional Airport (United States) 72217 0.83 in
5 Huntsville, Huntsville International / Jones Field (United States) 72323 0.75 in
6 Knoxville, McGhee Tyson Airport (United States) 72326 0.71 in
7 Youngstown, Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport (United States) 72525 0.71 in
8 Rockford, Greater Rockford Airport (United States) 72543 0.67 in
9 Juneau, Juneau International Airport (United States) 70381 0.66 in
10 Binghamton, Binghamton Regional Airport (United States) 72515 0.59 in
11 Green Bay, Austin Straubel International Airport (United States) 72645 0.58 in
12 Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh International Airport (United States) 72520 0.55 in
13 Milwaukee, General Mitchell International Airport (United States) 72640 0.51 in
14 Moline, Quad-City Airport (United States) 72544 0.48 in
15 North Platte, North Platte Regional Airport (United States) 72562 0.47 in
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

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